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Create attractive photo albums in a matter of seconds


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Are you tired of that folder full of photos where it is impossible to find the one you are searching for? Maybe you don’t like the photo viewer installed in your computer because it shut off the attractive of your photos,...

Here you are FlipAlbumSuite. Do you remember those photo album at home full of pages full of photos? FlipAlbum Suite will create digital ones for you. Exactly the same, you will be able to pass pages too in 3D.

Pass the pages and enjoy your holiday photos as you used to.

Yes, now you think it will be difficult, well if you think that choosing a folder and click ’next’ is difficult... it’s difficult to use.

Not only is it a photo viewer, but you can use it as an image editor, add effects, apply filters, draw, add texts,...

Without any doubt a really good choice if you want to edit yourphotos and then, show them.

30 days trial version. The trial versionallows you to insert up to 50 photos per album.

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